Teach The Election In Your Classroom!

How many times have you found yourself in a discussion about elections or policies and heard someone say, “I just don’t like politics.” The simple truth is that “politics” are an integral part of democracy. We’ve seen tolerant political discourse devolve (and almost disappear) in this century. We are quite literally in danger of losing our democratic rights because of voter suppression, the rise of white supremacist groups bent on disrupting free speech and elections, foreign countries meddling in our elections, and so on.

If our republic is to survive we must commit to teaching democracy to our students and giving them opportunities to participate in democratic actions and discourse. As educators, we must promote the direct teaching of democracy and democratic principals in our schools. This is our commitment to the next generation. Let’s show them how to walk not just talk democracy.

It’s pretty certain that students will be hearing media reports about this election even after it’s decided. It’s a great time to make civics a focus of our current events. Here are some excellent resources to facilitate your classroom discussions and teach the election.

Check out the “Election Collection” curated by PBS. This includes activities and videos for preK-12 that touch on everything from understanding the electoral college, discerning the legitimacy of media sources and stories, and “Crash Course” civics videos just to name a few.

AFT’s Share My Lesson hosts election resources for all age levels dealing with the history of voting rights, being an informed voter, civil discourse in the classroom, conducting mock elections, and more.