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The Remote Teaching Approval Process


APS principals and supervisors have been given the responsibility of assigning staff at their buildings to available remote work assignments in the event that we are allowed to reopen in a hybrid model. Those employees who have requested remote work have been assigned a ranking of 1, 2, or 3.

  • 1 =  the employee is at high risk of having severe complications due to COVID-19 infection and lives with a person who is also high risk (according to CDC list);
  • 2 = the employee is high risk;
  • 3 = the employee lives with a person who is high risk.

After the principal(s) have all the data from both employees and families, they will work to create a schedule that matches family preferences with staff requests. The “final answer” will not be determined until then.

APS and ATF have agreed that if you have requested to continue working remotely in hybrid, and you are not approved by your principal/supervisor, you will have an opportunity to fill out an ATF form to contest the decision. Fill the form out »

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