Unions Work For All!

 Americans’ approval of unions is near a 50-year high… and there’s a good reason why:

                                                                                                 We are the resistance!

Public education and workers’ rights are under attack from self-interested billionaires, politicians, and charter schools who want to privatize our schools and take away our rights in the workplace. Fortunately for you, the Albuquerque Teachers Federation has your back.


                                                                                  10 Great Reasons to Join Your Union!

  1. The #1 Reason to join Albuquerque Teachers Federation (ATF) is Professional POWER over your career and in your workplace. Together, we can shape our own destinies and build a world-class education system.
  2. Your union stands for Professionalism! ATF is your professional organization just as the AMA represents the interests of doctors and the ABA represents attorneys. ATF provides free Professional Development to members taught by highly accomplished teachers, and our classes are specific to teacher needs. Our union created the New Teacher Mentor Program to support beginning teachers. Our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions.
  3. Your Union fights for EducatorAutonomy! Students and educators thrive when we have the Freedom to Teach, to be creative, and to make important professional decisions. When educators make their own curricular choices and follow their passions, students become inspired and we can better support their needs and interests. When teachers have a voice in their practice they stay in the profession.
  4. Your union fights for Democracy! We, the Educators, must make the important decisions in our classrooms, so why not shape the important decisions in our schools. ATF has fought for and won Instructional Councils that are the collaborative decision-making bodies at our schools and worksites.
  5. Your union fights for your Financial Security. This year, ATF negotiated pay raises for all certified educators which meant a $5-6K raise for almost everyone in our bargaining unit- even when these raises were not part of the mandated legislation. We will continue to fight for professional pay in the coming Legislative Session. We demand that essential support staff and experienced teachers receive equal raises. Note: Nationwideunion workers earn 27% more than their nonunion peers.
  6. Your union fights for Justice! Our teachers union has always been in the vanguard of social justice movements like public education for all, racial equality, LGBTQ rights, physical and mental health services for our students, equal pay for equal work, and the list goes on…
  7. Your union stands for Community! ATF defends public education for all because our public schools are the anchors of our communities. We know that access to a quality public education is a Civil and Human Right. No one is truly free when we’re worrying about where our next meal is coming from. That’s why your union takes this message to the broader society by supporting Community Schools where the basic needs of students and their families are met. We also support initiatives like earned sick leave for Albuquerque’s workers and increasing wages for all. Economic justice is social justice. When our students’ families thrive our classrooms reap the benefits.
  8. Your union stands for Solidarity! When thousands of us raise our voices together, we will be heard. ATF has fought to include counselors, nurses, social workers and therapists in the 3-Tier system by creating the Career Pathway Systemi n APS and ensuring those role groups receive the same raises the Legislature passes for teachers.
  9. Your union provides Representation! ATF employs trained staff to help teachers who are unduly targeted by administrators. Staff representatives are here to help you whether you have questions about your pay, your evaluation, or any contract issues.  ATF is your bargaining unit and we negotiate your contract.  This includes due process rights so that you cannot be fired for frivolous reasons.
  10. Your union fights for Our Future! What kind of world do you want to leave behind for your students and for your own children? How do you envision your own child’s work life? Your union stands for the future and the rights of those coming behind us! In the future, when you’re asked, “Which Side Were You On?” what will you say?

                                                                              Now is the time to stand up for your rights!

Join your union today and fight for a brighter future for all! Already a member? Get involved. Email dwayne@atfunion.org for more information.