Vote “Yes” on the Bond/Mill Levy

During the December Fed Rep Council meeting, Fed Reps unanimously voted for our union to support a “yes” vote on the Bond/Mill Levy election happening on Tuesday, February 5. Ballots were mailed to voter’s homes on January 8. This will be a mail-in ballot only, so returning your vote promptly is critical.

​As a result of the ATF resolution, our union has been contacted about what a “yes” vote would mean for our schools.

A “yes” vote would allow our schools to:

  • Renovate dated buildings, including roofing, air conditioning, heating, and electrical systems.
  • Upgrade school security & classroom technology.
  • Purchase educational equipment related to physical education, libraries, vocational education, music, fine arts & science labs.

Voting “yes” will raise taxes by about 4.7% of your total property tax bill. On a house that costs $220,000, that comes out to an increase of about $.41 cents a day, or about $12.22 a month.

Here are the major functions this election will pay for over 6 years​:

  • ​School Security & Safety for all Schools, teachers & Students – $20 Million
  • Student & Teacher Technology – $150 million
  • School Student & Teacher Educational Furniture – $8 million
  • School Music/Fine Arts Instruments & Equipment for all Schools – $7.3 Million
  • School Physical Education Equipment for all Schools – $4.81 million
  • Library Materials, printing & Equipment – $4.5 million
  • School Science Equipment – $1.8 million
  • School Vocational Education Equipment (CTE) – $1.5 million
  • School Improvement funds (Discretionary individual school educational equipment/Supplies or ‘SIP’) – $12.3 million
  • School Design & Construction (rebuilding old schools) – $553 million
  • School Facility Maintenance – $94 million

​Click here to see if your school is on the list of proposed projects!

​APS hasn’t asked for a tax increase in over 12 years! As educators, we know first-hand that our schools are in desperate need of repair and revitalization. Our working conditions are students’ learning conditions.​

The County Clerk must have your ballot in-hand by 7pm on Tuesday, February 5!

If you do not receive your ballot, call the County Clerk at 468-1291. For more information, visit