Feed Our Families: A Partnership Between ATF & Roadrunner Food Bank

Help Combat Hunger During This Crisis! Donate Now!

We are fortunate and thankful as educators to still have our jobs, our incomes, and our health insurance. All of these things provide a sense of security during “normal” times, much more so during these times of uncertainty and in the midst of a global pandemic. Many, many families across our country, in our state, and in our district have been less fortunate. Shutdowns, furloughs, and cut hours have left many families struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table.

Unionism is about solidarity and social justice. It is about supporting our fellow workers. It is about lifting each other up. Unionism is caring about the communities in which we live in every possible way we can. With so many of our students’ families, fellow workers and neighbors struggling, we have partnered with Roadrunner to come together stronger to feed our families.

Nationally, food banks are reporting a 40% increase in demand, with two, three, and even four times the number of people seeking help to feed their family. We have seen it here, locally, on TV and in the news, our families are also struggling. Roadrunner Food Bank, the largest food bank in our state, is running out of funds and is low on non-perishables. In a recent news story, it was reported that they have spent their entire year’s budget in just two to three weeks. They need us. More accurately, the families that are depending on the food bank for survival need us. These are our student’s families. These are our neighbors and fellow workers. This is our community.

Although we are in a fortunate place as educators, we also know that some of our colleagues are struggling as family members and significant others face job insecurity. That being said, we are asking all educators who are able to help out by donating in this time of great need.

“Together, we can achieve what would be impossible on our own.”- AFT President Randi Weingarten

Donate what you can. It may be that we can donate what we normally spend on gas since we are not traveling to work each day. Perhaps the money you normally spend to have snacks in your classrooms. Every little bit helps. If all 6,800+ employees we represent pitch in, we can collectively make a tremendous difference in our community and for our families.

Let’s support the community in which we live and serve! Take action! Donate today!

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