The Legislative Session Has Begun

The 2021 Regular Legislative Session opened on Tuesday, January 19th, and we, as public educators, have a lot of interests on the docket. Your union, Albuquerque Teachers Federation, has put forth our legislative priorities that we hope will help New Mexico build a world-class education system for our students and our communities. We explain these goals in the newest edition of our recently renamed Educator’s Voice (EV) – formerly known as Teacher’s Voice.

Take a look inside the EV and find out how your union will advocate for Early Childhood Education and building appropriate programs for our youngest learners. We discuss how our state can stabilize funding for K-12 Education, Community Schools and Higher Education. We outline how we can meet the needs of all students by implementing policies that promote culturally responsive pedagogy and anti-racism in our classrooms while staffing for our students’ needs and rethinking high school graduation requirements with equity in mind. All of these ambitious objectives are key to attracting and retaining great educators. Through solidarity and action, we can make these dreams reality.

Through solidarity and action, we can make these dreams reality

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