Your Union Wants To Know Your Opinion: 4 Important Surveys

The Albuquerque Teachers Federation’s (ATF) primary goal is to obtain the best working conditions possible so that great educators like you stay with our district and help fulfill the promise of a great public education for all students. We need your help to achieve this mission.

Please take a few of your valuable minutes to fill out these surveys. THE DEADLINE FOR ALL 4 SURVEYS is FRIDAY, APRIL 8TH at 3pm.

  1. Student Loan Debt Reimbursement


You can click here to fill out the Student Loan Debt Reimbursement Documentation for APS educators covered by the APS/ATF Negotiated Agreement who carry student loan debt. The ATF is the first local union in the United States to negotiate these direct payments to relieve financial pressure due to student loan debt.


Your union negotiated a $1 million fund with APS, and we are managing the registration for this money that flows from President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan. The money will be divided by the number of educators who sign up.


If you have problems uploading your documents, email Dwayne at with this information:

  • Your name
  • Your APS ID #
  • Your Preferred Email Address
  • Are you a full-time APS employee?
  • Please indicate whether you will attend: a.   ATF Virtual Student Debt Clinic Wednesday, April 13th at 4:30pm. b.   ATF/AFT NM in-person Student Debt Clinic at the ATF Office on Saturday, May 7th, 10am-12pm.
  • Attach your documentation in pdf, jpg, png, or doc format. Dwayne is handling a lot of these, so please title your documentation as follows: a.   Your Name Proof of Student Loan Debt b.   Your Name Proof of Repayment So, for example, I would title my attachments: a.   “Dwayne Norris Proof of Student Loan Debt”   b.  “Dwayne Norris Proof of Repayment”
  • You will receive a confirmation email indicating that you are registered.


  1. Take ATF’s Synergy survey


The ATF needs your stories about the efficiency (or inefficiency) of Synergy. We are collecting your anecdotes about how the Synergy system has affected your workload. APS is considering the renewal of their contract with Synergy, so it’s important that we have information to help us advocate for the best system that supports all the work you are required to do.


  1. Take the ATF Teacher Leader Facilitator (TLF) Survey-

We need your feedback so that we can evaluate this important program. We want classroom teachers to let APS and ATF know how the TLF structure is serving your professional development needs.

If you are currently serving as a TLF, here’s a link for a survey to give your feedback.

ATF negotiated the TLF position to put professional development decisions in the hands of each staff around the district. The intent was to foster a culture where PD is more site- and staff-centered, thus, more meaningful and responsive to you, the practitioners. How is it working out? Let us know.

You can read the contract language defining the TLF position at


4. Make Our Schools Hospital and Inclusive For All- Click here to take the Visible In My Job Survey

The Mission Statement of the ATF reads: “The Albuquerque Teachers Federation (ATF) is committed to improving the conditions of teaching and learning in our public schools while advancing the cause of social justice and democracy for our members, students and the ABQ community.”

This survey will help the ATF Visible Committee to determine the overall climate in APS regarding LGBTQIA+ educator visibility and support. It is our union’s mission to promote inclusivity for all staff and students. We want our workplaces to be healthy and safe places to teach and learn.

Participating in these surveys is an important way to help set the course of your union. We advocate for educators across the APS district. Not yet a member? Click here to JOIN YOUR UNION TODAY!

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