American Federation of Teachers is excited to announce the release of Differentiating Instruction, an all-new, self-paced module that’s part of the AFT Professional Learning’s Strategies for Success series.

This research-based program consists of courses that address teaching and learning aspects of the classroom experienced by new and veteran teachers alike.

The differentiation course, as with all of AFT’s training modules, is designed to foster:

  • Reflection on research;
  • Consideration of the research for application to classroom practice; and
  • Dialogue with other professionals as a way to expand professional knowledge.


This three-part Differentiating Instruction module takes about four hours to complete. As an AFT member, if you are new to AFT eLearning, your first step is to create a free account.

For Albuquerque Teachers Federation, your local # on the account is 01420. If you need your AFT #, email

Learn more about the Differentiating Instruction module:

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